Trinculo Shipwreck

Barooma Homestead

A piece of local history

Map - Barooma Homestead to Trinculo Shipwreck

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Perilous Journey

The ‘Trinculo’ was on a journey from King George’s Sound to Newcastle to pick up coal, under the command of Captain Williams, when she was struck by extremely wild gale force winds – driving her onto a sandbar some 30 m offshore. She immediately swung broadside, and with that, her fate was sealed . . .

Everyone Survived

It was due to the bravery of the crew that all on board were saved. Thomas Lefevre, a crew member, received a Silver Medal from the Humane Society, for his incredible feat in being able to swim a line from the wreck to the shore – through the roughest of seas, conquering incredible undertows, currents and battering surf.

Interestingly, the ‘Trinculo’ had been previously stranded on the African coast in 1871. She recovered from this incident and was successfully refloated, repaired and put back into service